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Notice Board interface User of the Notice Board

Gesture-based Notice Board


This is a gesture-based notice board developed for The Department of Computer Science and Engineering in UET Lahore. It was installed in the main building of the department to replace the conventional paper-based notice board solution.

Standing in front of the sensor and waving was the only requirement to navigate through the application and move between sections including announcements, timetables, and department information among others.

The project report from the department's offical facebook page can be found Here.

Code can be found Here!

It was co-developed by : Yousef Kharoub and Fraidoon Shayan while the project designs were done by : Faizan Elahi

UETMappy Screenshot



An android app developed for the new students admitted in UET Lahore.

As they are new in the place and discovering it, a helping tool might make it easier for them.

Using this application they can search for different places either by typing its name if they know it or choosing and discovering all places from a list. Search by functionality is also present where you can search for all food places, hostels, departments ... etc by just typing food for example and you'll be given the location of all possible places. The application is also providing the functionality of navigation from your current location to the place you need to reach.

Application can be downloaded Here.

Code can be found Here!

Project Screenshot

CGPA Calculator


An online calculator for university's CGPA.

A web project I built where the goal was creating an online calculator that any student can use to calculate his/her own cgpa, and maybe play and try different grades for any subject in order to help in the planning process to improve the cpga.

This project was built to test and show my skills in Javascript primarily and my ability to build a web application that can act based on the user's input. for example, A user can add his/her own system where the application will use instead of the default systems and the lists will be dynamically populated from the user custom input, also the ability to add different numbers of semesters and subjects as much as the user likes.

This project can be checked Here!

Code can be found Here!

The website home page

Well of Wisdom


Quotes Machine.

This project is all about quotes, the application is getting a random quoted from quotes API, which then is presented for the user to view or even tweet.

It was built to practice and show the skills of dealing with APIs and the use of JSON and Ajax.

Code can be found Here!

The website home page

Weather Machine


Your Weather Application.

A web application aimed to provide the weather forecast for the user based on his current location. When the user's longitude and latitude is retreived, it is passed to an API that returns the weather for that specific area, this data is processed and provided to the user in a readable, clear way.

It was built to practice and show the skills of dealing with APIs and the use of JSON and Ajax.

This project can be checked Here!

Code can be found Here!

Project Screenshot

TODO Application


A locoal TODO list application.

A web project I built for personal purpose, where the goal was to create a TODO list applicatoin to maintain some of my personal tasks.

This project was built to be used locally.

This project can be checked Here!

Code can be found Here!

Project Screenshot

Anti-Bullying Keyboard


This is An android keyboard application built based on Any Soft open source keyboard then trained with a google ML platform and integrated with a Firebase Realtime Database to allow Bullying phrases detection in order to suggest less harmful ways of communication.

Code can't be published since this work was for a client who wanted the source to be private.


Best Project Award in the Annual Final Year Projects Exhibition

Me and my Final Year Project group were awarded the title of the best project over computer science batch in the Final Year Projects Exhibition organized by The Computer Science and Engineering department in UET Lahore. The award was given for our project titled “Gesture Identification using Image Processing”.


Winner of the Third Annual Computer Competition for Students of The Republic of Yemen

I secured the first position in the computer competition held in the capital Sana'a that was organized by the Ministry of Education for the students of the Republic of Yemen. I represented my governorate Taiz in the competition and was awarded a PC as a prize for winning the title.


Winner of the Second Annual Computer Competition for Students of Taiz governorate - Yemen

I represented my school in the township qualifications, then my townships in the governorate qualifications where I was declared as the first position winner. This later made me the governorate delegate for the countrywide competition held in 2008.


Voluntary Works

Founding member and The Cultural and Social officer - YSUP

I have been involved in establishing a structure that embraces the Yemeni students in Punjab Province - Pakistan.

The Yemeni Students Union in Punjab - Pakistan aims to serve Yemenis, ease their lives, encourage their talents and connect them in a better way.

Being the cultural and social officer, I am responsible to manage different activities like trips, celebrations and culture day activities with the goal of bringing Yemenis closer to each other.

: November 2016- March 2018

Yemeni Community Representative - UET Lahore

In my final year at the university, I represented the Yemeni community studying at The University of Engineering and Technology (UET) - Lahore - Pakistan.

My duties included representing my country fellows before the university officials, deliver their voices and concerns for the upper management and fight for their rights when needed.

I also had to be the link between my colleagues and our embassy in Islamabad for any required communication.

I was responsible too for ensuring the settlement, stability and guiding the new Yemenis admitted into UET.

Also, I had been the second vice representative than the vice representative in my second and third years respectively.

: May 2016- May 2017

Founding Board Member and Financial Officer - Pioneers of Charity

I was a founding board member and financial officer of Pioneers of Charity organization that was formed inside Iqbal hall in UET Lahore. The goal was to allow the foreigner community residing in Iqbal hall to help a bit and give back even a little for the Pakistani community that showed us all the love and acceptance.

With Allah grace and help We are now sponsoring 5 families and providing them with the basic needs of their life from wheat and rice upto the tea and cooking oil.

The charity has also started a program of drilling water wells in some of the neediest areas in Pakistan, and Alhamdulillah first well has been completed in April 2017 and the second one is about to be started and much more are planned InshaAllah.

: April 2016- July 2017

Media And Communications Officer - The Youth Committee of Al-Rahman Mosque

I was the media and communications officer in our local mosque youth committee which is a reputable committee across the city.

My duties included but weren't limited to managing small teams to prepare magazines, fliers, booklets.

I also had to make sure our events announcements and advertisements was covering the largest part of the city.

All techy tasks needed for our work had to be done by me or under my supervision.

: January 2009 - December 2013

Founding Board Member - Basmat Development Forum

I was a founding board member of this forum that aimed to spread knowledge in the youth generation to face the dangerous ideas and misconceptions that might affect the youth of our country.

It also aimed to give the young the weapon of skills to help them in facing what is coming in life.

: April 2012- December 2013

Volunteer to solve technical problems - The Counseling and Psychological Researches Center - Taiz University

I had volunteered to solve technical issues faced by the staff of the center, as they were not experts in dealing with computers and many of their problems weren't that much of an issue.

I had solved many of their issues and helped to ease their experience and work when needed.

: 2007 - 2010

Volunteer in the arrangement of - The Fourth National Conference of Childhood

This conference was held at Taiz University and attracted participants interested in phycology and child issues from all over the Arab world.

The organizing committee had planned to present a paper discussing the designs and specifications required for an ideal kindergarten. As an accompanying material to the paper, they assigned me to deliver an AutoCad design of their proposed ideas to show in the conference.

: June 2009